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Does your organization struggle with navigating dynamic UAE immigration requirements, accessing immigration updates, timely onboarding of employees, and managing expiry tracking or renewals promptly? 


Have you ever wondered and wished that time could expand or you could have more time for employee engagement programs instead of drowning in questions related to immigration, employee onboarding, and compliance. Have you ever wanted the human resources team to be trained and promoted for better task to strategically support you than continue with routine application filing functions?


It is a good idea to collaborate with a partner who can guide you in the right direction through the complexities of immigration processes. Outsourcing of PRO services is often perceived as a negative concept and pushing jobs out of the company, however, this has a lot more advantage than disadvantage in managing the UAE immigration. While the initial purpose of outsourcing was to reduce headcount and operational cost, but it is now viewed as a strategic approach to incorporate specialist external expertise so that the company may allocate its internal resources for more important functions and improve efficiency for time consuming tasks thereby maximize its core functions. 


How can outsourcing PRO services and immigration functions benefit the company to reduce cost, save time, utilize human resources effectively and improve profitability:


1.       Improved operational efficiency, continuity of services, and revenue bleed containment


With the outsourcing of immigration requirements, the urgent needs of the company with respect to employee onboarding, acceleration of upcoming projects, assignments, and strategic objectives of business is met. This can be achieved in an uninterrupted and continuous manner, regardless the internal resources are available to meet the challenges or not.


In case the employee handling immigration function resigns or has to go on annual leave, the continuity does not get disrupted leading to delay in start of projects and missing of important business deals as well as employee assignments. Not being able to get resources onboarded on important projects and not planning timely renewal of residence visa for critical employees as per travel schedules can delay or miss major business opportunities as well as can result in potential revenue loss for the company.


Missing of visa expiry or company document expiry can lead to potential late renewal fines. Outsourcing PRO services gives access to skilled and qualified professionals to help forecast onboarding in line with immigration timelines and set right expectation with the stake holders.


2.       Internal progression of the staff


As the businesses globalize and diversify the teams, managing the organization’s immigration requirements effectively would help business to achieve crucial strategic goals.  Outsourcing immigration requirements and PRO services, would benefit the human resource teams to strategically retain employees and allow progression in the career path.


One of the biggest advantages would be that employees would not feel stagnant with routine tasks and instead focus towards more high-level activities. Thus, it would help to retain competent and adaptive employees who perform value added services for organizational growth and increase overall productivity.


3.       Less investment in training and systems, yet acquire access to strong immigration expertise and resources


With having access to an entire team specialized and updated with the immigration regulations, the company would not have to spend number of productive hours or money periodically into the training programs. In addition, it would not be necessary to make huge investments on any tracking or reporting software systems. Additionally, new hiring entails high cost and at the same time cannot guarantee talent and knowledge required to handle the immigration needs.


Availability of a strategic knowledge partner ensures dedicated tailored service specific to the business requirements. A solution-based approach ensures adequate Immigration compliance without the associated stress involved. With access to strong immigration expertise and PRO services availability the internal resources can be leveraged to support core business functions and plan long term strategy for financial success.


4.       Tapping into employee’s ability and maximizing internal resources


Outsourcing of Immigration related activities provides immense relief to the HR professionals from mundane repetitive tasks that they can focus on crucial workforce management activities. The capabilities of the employees can be directed to other areas and opportunities for growth which would provide better utilization of human potential. 


Leveraging resources to core activities would impact the business in positive ways and effectively contribute to the strategic utilization of the employees in revenue generating activities. With outsourcing of PRO services, the focus can be on ongoing development and retention of superior employees and embrace employee engagement towards organization's financial health and profitability.


5.       Less strain on petty cash, logistics and transactional government fees tracking


Maintenance of a streamlined operational cash outflow proves to be challenging and time consuming. With outsourcing of immigration PRO services, it improves transparency in all transactional government fee expenditures and saves time in handling petty cash.  It also reduces the effort required to manage the logistics related to Immigration work which enables the internal manpower to focus on goal-oriented tasks and improves organization’s fiscal health. With focus on core HR activity, its helps to develop new skill sets and retains people with key competencies to develop strategic responsiveness and gain competitive advantage.


6.       Reduced attrition and increased staff retention


Internal progression coupled with opportunities in learning and diversifying the skill set motivates the employees. They would be motivated to give out their best hence help the accomplishment of organization’s purpose and mission in the long run. The human resources staff can be moved out of the transactional tasks that would provide them ample opportunity for growth and progression within the organization. Focusing on goal-oriented activities increases productivity and profitability enabling the company to be more successful and better prepared for changing market challenges.


7.       Reduce operational overheads and improve efficiency


The strategic approach to incorporate external immigration expertise would reduce the burden of additional headcounts, recruitment cost, health insurance, bank guarantee, quota, office space, and other overheads in internal immigration team. In addition, it also eliminates the effort and time required in the management of in-house PRO services department.


Effective elimination of such bottlenecks can optimize and reduce operational costs. The established protocols, continually updated and refined systems, and customized services would enable a compliant immigration program, as well as reduce risk of any unnecessary fines or similar detrimental consequences.


How can BM Strategies assist?


Given the dynamic nature of the immigration environment, we at BM Strategies guide our clients on the best and most efficient options in developing, implementing, and managing compliant UAE immigration programs. Please reach out to us for more information on


Our services include:


§  Employment Residence Visas

§  Dependent Residence Visas

§  Emirates Id Cards

§  Corporate Documents Procurement/Renewal

§  Expiry Tracking and Renewal

§  De-registrations and Amendments

§  GCC Pension Registry Management

§  Document Procurement and Attestation Services

§  PRO Services

§  Benchmarking and Consultations

§  Compliance Management

§  Strategic Planning and Support

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Posted on 12-Sep-2020.

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