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The global pandemic has brought tremendous change to people’s perception about life and work with individuals emphasising more towards their health, wellbeing, and safety. Physical location was a thing of the past and the new normal in a post COVID-19 world showcases that there are certain roles that can be done remotely. Globalization, digital transformation, and virtual connectivity have already changed the approach towards work coupled with the individual’s attitude to maintain a positive work-life balance. Dubai's newly introduced virtual working visa is a perfect fit for today's dispersed workplace.


Dubai’s virtual working programme encourages foreign nationals to relocate to the emirate and work remotely while continue to remain employed in their home country employment contract.  Through incorporation of the new remote work visa initiative, Dubai can be a destination for professionals to reside and work in the country whilst enjoying its digital infrastructure, high speed connectivity, and global networking opportunities.  The emirate offers safe and high-quality dynamic lifestyle opportunity to individuals and their families whether for a couple of months or an entire year while they continue to serve their employers in their home country.


Dubai is the only destination in the Middle East region to have announced such an innovative visa initiative which showcases its progressive thinking and sustained competitiveness. The virtual working programme and remote work visa strengthens Dubai's status as a global business hub and aims to attract remote workers by providing relaxing visa requirements for their long-term stay. 


 Eligibility requirement for foreign employees to enrol for virtual working programme


Passport validity: Foreign nationals seeking to avail the remote work visa are required to hold a machine-readable passport with minimum validity of at least six months or more at the time of application submission.


Minimum Salary requirement:  Foreign nationals must earn a minimum salary of USD5,000 per month in their home country to be eligible for the programme.


Documentary requirements:  Foreign national must provide the following documents at the time of application:

- A certificate of employment from their current home country employer with a minimum contract validity of one    year,

- Most recent payslips covering a period of one month,

- Official three preceding month bank statements,

- Proof of health insurance with UAE coverage

Business owners in place of an employment contract must provide proof of company ownership for a minimum period of one year.


Benefits of virtual work visa programme

Validity of the virtual work visa: Foreign nationals and their families would receive a one year remote work visa as long as they meet minimum requirements enabling them to remotely work from Dubai.


Access to all Infrastructures: Foreign national can take advantage of all services in Dubai including opening bank account, enrolling children in schools, availing utilities including phone and internet and benefit from the emirate’s exceptional digital infrastructure.


Tax Exemption: Dubai does not impose income tax on individuals therefore foreign employees may be exempt from dual taxation or other tax liabilities.


Quality of Life: The new remote work visa initiative encourages foreign national to relocate to Dubai on an annual basis while continue to remain employed for companies that are based overseas. The virtual working programme will enable them to enjoy safety, security, world class facilities and high-quality lifestyle.


Businesses for the Future:  Through the new initiative to reside in Dubai and work remotely, Dubai encourages value proposition, growth and expansion for start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and overseas professional. The flexibility will help businesses to gain access to more talented professionals who are driven by performance and results irrespective of their physical location. 


Foreign national and their families are not authorised to enter into employment with a local employer in Dubai or provide any services to any person or entity carrying business in Dubai under the virtual working programme or on remote work visa.  


How can BM Strategies assist?

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Note: The information provided here are only for the purpose of providing an overview regarding Dubai virtual working programme and processes. The immigration regulations are subject to change from time to time from one jurisdiction to another. Hence the information provided hereby should not be considered an opinion or advice from BM Strategies but only a practical guide for general information.

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Posted on 23-Oct-2020.

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