We offer an array of service models that you can choose from to increase efficiency.
We implement services which is flexible and readily adaptable to suit your specific requirements.

Managed Retainer

BM Strategies will take full control of the immigration program for a monthly retainer fee. There is a limited involvement required from the HR team...


Our professionals will manage all case related communications. This model gives you options to choose based on your requirements, including attestations/legalizations, business visitor visas, employment and residence permits, temporary work visas, and dependents’ permits...


One of the senior staff members will be acting as a single point of contact responsibly delivering executive level of services. In addition, dedicated Account Manager will ensure smooth service delivery...

Leave your immigration needs to us,
Manage your business hassle-free

Our professionals have the knowledge, experience, and cultural understanding to eliminate the hurdles that come with onboarding and managing the legal status of all employees and thereby help your business safely navigate all your immigration challenges

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