BMStrategies offers you a variety of services which covers almost all the aspects of a professional service. From very basic document services to corporate migration and compliance management. Our experienced professionals can help you in getting things done efficienty

Employment Residence Permits

Employment Residence Permits We provide our clients strategic support related to short and long-term work visa applications, including preparing and filing the visa application. We guide clients on the best and most cost-efficient options and assist in obtaining the relevant permits in a streamlined and effective manner. We further support clients with post arrival services, including accompaniment to medical and biometric or alternate support during the immigration registration process.


Dependent Residence Permits

Dependent Residence Permits We provide full support to dependents and guide assignees on the immigration strategies for accompanying dependents. In partnering closely with them and their dependents we prepare all required documentation for timely application processing. In addition, we assist changes to dependent immigration status, and follow up with authorities on a regular basis through the application process.


Corporate Immigration Services

Corporate Immigration Services We assist corporate clients with their corporate immigration needs, including design and maintenance of healthy and strategic immigration programs. We support employers to keep a track of corporate documents as well as renew them in a timely manner to comply with immigration process requirements.


Expiry Tracking and Renewal

Expiry Tracking and Renewal We track expirations of immigration documents and notify clients well in advance of renewal deadlines. This helps employees to retain the appropriate status for the duration of their employment.


Deregistrations and Amendments

Deregistrations and Amendments We provide a variety of in-country services, such as filing deregistration applications and departure requirements when leaving UAE. We can assist clients in notifying the immigration authorities of any changes in personal, employment, and corporate status to help employees as well as clients to remain compliant with immigration requirements.


Pension Registry Management

Pension Registry Management We assist our clients in managing pension registry with the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) which involves administering contributions, pensions and end-of-service benefits for UAE nationals and all non-UAE Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals employed in the UAE for pension in accordance with the schemes established in their home countries. The provisions of the law apply equally throughout the UAE to all employers, including the various free zones in the UAE.


Document Services

Document Services We support our clients in procuring and legalizing original and/or certified true copies of educational, marriage, birth or other certificates required for a range of immigration applications. In providing document services for clients, we work with global partners abroad and both local authorities in UAE. In addition, we also coordinate with certified translators to obtain sworn translations where these are required for immigration-related applications


Benchmarking and Consultations

Benchmarking and Consultations Our professionals analyse existing corporate procedures and policies, report on risk areas, and provide improvement recommendations. We can conduct internal compliance reviews for clients, which include randomly selecting and reviewing files to confirm that they meet compliance standards and provide subsequent recommendations for any necessary process changes or corrective actions.


Compliance Management

Compliance Management Our experienced professionals conduct internal reviews of corporate internal immigration processes to help clients remain compliant with immigration requirements. These reviews include randomly selecting files to assess and confirm that they meet immigration requirements. On completing the audit, we provide recommendations for any necessary corrective actions or process changes. We help clients establish and maintain program policies to maximize their immigration process compliance. In addition, we also provide a number of day to day compliance services including establishing and implementing compliance routines and policies to determine the most efficient, effective and streamlined processes.


Strategic Planning & Support

Strategic Planning & Support If you are establishing a new business or if you are an international company establishing operations or currently operating in UAE, we can help with all of your immigration needs. We provide guidance and consultations for strategic immigration matters such as planning for quotas, corporate documents, employment permits, and compliance of short-term workers and visitors.
We advise our clients on the impact of corporate restructuring (e.g., mergers, acquisitions) on individuals as well as their dependents. We also ensure comprehensive immigration planning as an integral part of any restructuring strategy and take care of the full range of immigration needs generated by these complex scenarios.

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